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microfibre towels

Available in two sizes: Adult/Swim/Beach (200x100cm) or Junior/Camping/Travel (140x70cm).
If you are taller than the average person or you have been disappointed with the 'XXL' sizing of other manufacturers' towels then the 200x100cm Swim Elite towel will exceed your expectations.

Plush, ultrafine, quick drying and compact microfibre towels by Swim Elite replicate the 'home comfort' of a cotton towel without the bulk and weight. If you don't like the chamois leather feel of most microfibre towels then this is the towel for you! Take it to the pool, gym, yoga session, beach, camping, business trip, holidays or any sporting activity.

Each towel folds compactly into the FREE drawstring bag - ideal for your goggles, costume, cap or other sporting accessories and helps store your new towel hygienically. It takes up much less space compared to a regular cotton towel and is great way to lighten your luggage when travelling or nipping to the pool/gym for a quick session.

Made from microfibres of the highest standard together with a high thread count results in a plush and super soft towel compared to most towels on the market. We've also added an embroidered Swim Elite logo and matched the colour to our popular Marlin Mirror Aqua Swimming Goggles and Cap

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