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our new look
3mm neoprene
swim vest
Purchased by thousands of happy parents on Amazon !

Here are some of the reviews...
Our Swim Cosy Vest was voted #1
in the Made for Mums
"10 of the best wetsuits for babies, toddlers and kids" reviews

If you’ve booked the swimming lessons for your little one and now have no idea what you need, look no further than the Swim Cosy Baby Wrap.


It opens up flat, so you don’t have to put it over your baby’s head and its snug fit will make them feel cosy, comforted and warm.

The SwimBest Baby Wetsuit on our list is £5 cheaper, but the Swim Cosy has a few features that give it a premium feel – anti-snag Velcro for soft, quiet dressing, it’s also made of 3mm neoprene (SwimBest’s is a slightly less insulating 2mm) and it’s available in 4 contemporary prints.

It also goes up to age 3, a whole year more than SwimBest, although arguably you may have moved onto a more grown-up design by then.

Parents who bought this in the past praised the strong velcro fastenings as well as the fabric it's made from. One parent of a little boy said, "it’s a soft and flexible material, with soft velcro that doesn’t destroy my clothes as I change or carry him about."

Our Swim Cosy Vest was recommended 
by Huggies in their "Baby swim bag essentials: what to pack" article

Don't forget to pack a baby wetsuit.

It sounds obvious,. In a warm pool you can opt for a mini swimsuit or costume, but if you prefer an extra layer, go for a baby wetsuit or rash guard made of neoprene that traps a layer of warm water next to your baby’s skin. A firm favourite with parents was the Swim Cosy

Read the full article HERE

baby swim bag 
Video: watch our vests in action
(Olive aged 32 months wearing size Large)

A family holiday in Cornwall August 2022.

Despite the summer sun and air temperature of high 20s our daughter still needed an extra layer to take the chill out of the cool sea. 

The vest is easy to put on when required and she plays without restriction or annoyance curtesy of the soft fabric and adjustable straps. 

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