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0-6, 6-18 & 18-30 MONTHS


The Swim Cosy Wetsuit/Vest is made from high grade 3mm neoprene which has been specially selected to keep your baby/toddler warm and cosy in cooler swimming environments. A warm and happy child is more likely to enjoy swimming (or should we say splashing!) for a lot longer and the vest provides the valuable warmth when leaving the pool/sea for changing.

​We only use soft anti-snag Velcro which makes for a quieter and safer undressing experience, does not startle babies when removing or repositioning keeping your baby calm.
Our Velcro is also a lot softer on delicate skin than regular Velcro and will minimise plucking if it comes into contact with your swim costume and other material.

With a UPF rating of 50+ (independent lab test result) you are safe in the knowledge that your child is receiving
additional sun protection against harmful rays, however, as an extra precaution we recommend applying sunscreen underneath the vest to avoid any areas of sunburn.


How to Wear

1. Fully open the wetsuit and place flat on a clean surface (or Swim Cosy changing mat) with the design facing down.
2. Place the child on to the wetsuit and fold the bottom flap up and in between their legs.  Please note: there is no under the nappy flap on size XL - skip to part 3.
3. Fold the left hand side flap across the child’s chest, attaching to the Velcro on the bottom flap.
4. Fold the right hand side flap across the child’s chest and over the Velcro on the left hand flap.
5. Fold the two shoulder sections over the child’s shoulders and fasten to the Velcro on the back of the wetsuit.

Key Specifications

- High grade 3mm neoprene with soft Lycra covering
- Provides additional warmth in swimming pools and the sea
- Open flat design for quick and easy dressing
- Anti-snag Velcro for soft, quiet and safe undressing
- Maximum comfort/freedom of movement for arms & legs
- UPF 50+ rating. 0% UVA transmission
 BS EN 13758-2:2000  +A1:2006

sizing guide


0-6 months

6-18 months

18-30 months

2-3 years











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